Why swim coaching endless pool?

Small Group Sessions

We offer a small group session fee per hour , 4 swimmers , one coach , one hour , this method of Endless Pool Coaching is very popular  allowing you to spread the costs.


Give Your Swimming Stroke A Boost


We not only aim to correct swimming strokes but feed you swimming info you may not be aware of, correct training principles , training advice, along with training plans.


Distance Training And Advice

Its not only the sprinters that can benefit from our facility but distance swimmers also , with an Endless Pool Elite training times and splits can be set in place, all backed up by years of coaching expertise and knowledge.


See Your Stroke In Mirrors

Our Endless Pool facility is FULL of mirrors , a main large floor mirror allowing full underwater phase visuals , a front end of stroke mirror fixed in true position, and a large ceiling mirror.


You will be amazed what you can find out about your swimming-with as little one 60 minute session in our Endless Pool Elite

Swimming Speed and Efficiency Awaits You!

Endless Pool Age Group Swimming Coaching

Are you an Age Group Swimmer? looking for the edge in improving your strokes? In our Endless Pool Pool Elite we can tackle ANY stroke , and with our super large ceiling mirror even backstroke.

Adult improver? Or Learner

Are you an adult and looking to improve your swimming? or simply looking to learn to swim properly. Our Endless Pool Facility is a perfect private environment.

Triathlon Training

We can offer a FULL stroke breakdown , with video analyse on offer, see your strokes in real time , and have them corrected.

What We Can Offer

We can break your stroke down , and build it up from the bottom , fix incorrect leg and front end of stroke. We allow you to see just what your doing via video feedback, then begin then corrections.

Sprint Training And Advice

With and Endless Pool session we not only check out your stroke we can offer specific training dependant on your swimming stroke , with sprint sets at pace via our Endless Pool management system and visual dispaly unit.

If your wondering what the goals of the Endless Pool Elite Sessions are - They are to improve Swimming Technique - Efficiency - and Speed - this intern will create a better enjoyment of Swimming! What we ask when a Swimmer arrives for the first time at our Endless Pool Facility

What Sort Of Swimming Do You Wish To Improve?

When a NEW swimmer arrives at our facility we ask general info such as what would you like to achieve, what swimming stroke concerns do you have , how often do you train ,are you training for a race or event? General replies are -

Im A Novice Swimmer

I am a new novice swimmer and would love to know how to improve my technique including my breathing which I can't seem to get right, I'm taking on water!

Need To Improve My Triathlon Swimming

Im finding it hard to feel good about my swimming during my Triathlons, i compete regular but loose ground

More Energised Swimming

I'd love to come out of the water at the end of a swim leg open water or in swimming pool feeling great, but currently feel worn out.

Help Me Sort My Swimming Stroke

I know I have some technical issues but I can't work out exactly what to do about them, I've looked on line but now I'm totally confused!

Age Group Swimming Advice and Coaching

My Son or Daughter swims with a swimming club , id just like to give her a little extra technique improvement advice. We can help we many years experience coaching Age Group Swimmers


Full Changing Facilities

Enjoy a Full changing facility with showers and changing room. Enjoy a nice hot powerful shower after a private coaching session.


Great Visuals

With amazing lighting and crystal clear water, all backed up with floor mirrors you can see your stroke perfectly. 

Super Close UP Swimming Coaching

Close up swimming coaching allows for a much better run of corrective feed back.

From the young 6 yr old swimmer to the well oiled masters Swimmer or Triathlete , and if your looking to finally learn to swim as an Adult in total privacy then our Endless Pool facility is a perfect venue.