Cornish Swim Academy Terms and Conditions

Our Terms and Conditions 


Release of Liability

A) By attending a course you do so fully in the knowledge that whilst Cornish Swim Academy
will do all that it can to ensure the safety of those it is providing lessons to, accidents can
happen. Swimming is, by its nature, a dangerous activity that has an inherent risk of injury or
death. By attending a Cornish Swim Academy course you are accepting this inherent risk and
acknowledge that none of Cornish Swim Academy or any of the pool owners shall be liable for
any death, personal injury or illness not caused by its or their negligence. Nothing in this
disclaimer shall limit or exclude Cornish Swim Academy’s liability for death or personal injury
where such death or personal injury is caused by Cornish Swim Academy’s negligence.

Policies Procedures and Responsibilities

B) Teaching Policies, Procedures and Parental Responsibilities
Cornish Swim Academy Swimming Teachers are Swim England qualified and have
the relevant DBS checks before they are allowed to teach.
Swimming Teachers will take responsibility for pupils during their swimming
lessons, but parents /guardians are required to remain nearby (poolside
viewing) so that if required the parent/guardian can
deal with toilet breaks or any behavioural issues. Cornish Swim Academy staff will NOT take
pupils to the toilet.

Parents/guardians must remain on the premises whilst the pupil is attending their
swimming lessons. This is imperative in case of the unlikely event of a medical
emergency, building evacuation or other emergency situation. It is the parent/guardian’s responsibility to supervise/watch their child get to and from their
teaching station ensuring a prompt pick up at the end of the lesson. Pupils must be
collected promptly at the end of the lesson.

It is not acceptable for swimmers to enter the water prior to the lesson starting.
Parents/guardians must never distract the teacher during a lesson and should direct
all communication through the Head Swim Teacher (if available).
Parents/guardians should not to speak with a teacher during the period that lessons are in progress as it is dangerous and will distract the teacher from the supervision of the pupils in their lesson.

A coloured swimming hat will be issued when joining swim school (stages 1-7) and new hats will be issued when transferring to the next teaching stage. Lost or
broken hats can be replaced by purchasing a new hat from a member of staff. It is strongly
recommended that children wear their hats to lessons. This may not be suitable for those with some medical conditions.

C) Changing Teacher
We will use reasonable endeavours to provide the same instructor for each lesson
within a course. However, relief instructors may be used without prior notification.We reserve the right to appoint a new teacher at any time and may, at times need
to provide an alternative teacher for a class or classes due to illness or for any other unforeseen circumstances.

In the event a teacher is away for a long period of time we will try to keep the same cover teacher for the time period where possible.

If a teacher is absent, Cornish Swim Academy reserves the right to join classes together if
considered appropriate and safe according to Swim England guidelines. We would always try to put a replacement teacher in place immediately however, if this is not manageable we would put the classes together in order to avoid the cancellation.
This would be an extremely rare occurrence as additional teachers are usually available to cover
any such eventualities.

Swimming Lesson Program

D) 1. The majority of our ‘learn to swim’ programme classes are held over a 30-minute
times slot (some advanced stroke classes may be up to 60 minutes) which includes time to
take registers and assessments.

2. Pupil to Teacher ratios are developed in line with Swim England Guidelines.
3. Cornish Swim Academy reserves the right to combine classes as short notice if necessary and considered appropriate and safe according to Swim England guidelines.
E) Pupil Progression All pupils on the ‘learn to swim’ programme work towards the “Swim England Learn to Swim Framework.

Swimming Teachers continually assess all pupils’ progression throughout the term.

Progression of all pupils will be at the judgment of the swimming teacher and in accordance with the progression within the criteria of the “Swim England Learn to
Swim Framework”

Pupils will be moved up to the next class when they meet the skills criteria required
and if there is adequate room in the next Stage for movement to the next Stage.

Upon completion of a Stage, the parent/guardian will be contacted explaining that the child is ready to move up to the next Stage via e-mail/phone.

Where Parent Portal is available, parents can login and make the required movement.

Due to the continuous progressive nature of our programme, and the variety of
ability levels within each session, we cannot guarantee a specific time slot on
progression, as a space within the next stage may not always be immediately available. Where possible alternative days may be offered, those waiting for spaces
will be kept in their current stage until a place becomes available.
Pool Closure and Cancelled Swimming Lessons

F) 1. In the event of a pool closure, we will make every attempt to contact our customers
as soon as possible. Contact will via e-mail/phone.
2. Customers paying for swimming lessons may be provided with a catch-up lesson to
replace the missed session. In the event catch up lessons are not available to credit to the value of
the lesson will be offered.

3. Cornish Swim Academy reserves the right to cancel classes should numbers fall below our
minimum numbers per group (50% of class capacity). If this happens you will be
offered an alternative lesson of the same level.
Illness and Missed Lessons

G) Pupil Illness
If your child is unwell, we recommend that you do not bring them to their
swimming lesson.

If your child has been ill with diarrhoea they should not attend their lesson. To
protect others, they should not swim for at least a week after it has completely
cleared up.

H) Missed Lessons
Lesson fees are non-refundable where the pupil has either missed lessons or
decided to withdraw from the programme altogether.

Lessons run consecutively; the lesson credits will be utilised as each lesson takes
place regardless of pupil attendance (with the exception of pool closure/lesson

In exceptional circumstances, management may exercise discretion on refunds or
credit notes but this would only be on production of a medical certificate or
documentation from a medical centre, hospital or GP.

Behaviour and Conduct

I. Parents accept that their child is under the supervision, control and care of the
Swimming Teacher, during the lesson period. Should the behaviour of the child be
unsatisfactory and the class is being disrupted, the Swimming Teacher has the right
to remove the pupil from the class.

2. The teacher may employ reasonable measures as are necessary to maintain the
smooth delivery of the class. We reserve the right to request that your child should
be removed from classes should they persistently disrupt or are seen to be putting
themselves or anyone else at risk during the class. If a child is removed under
these circumstances and suitable alternatives arrangements cannot be made, no
refund will be provided.

J) Newperran Holiday Park and The Sir Ben Ainslie Pool Facilities.
Please ensure the pool safety signs which are displayed clearly on the poolside are followed at
all times, to ensure your safety and those around you.
Cornish Swim Academy are not accountable for any injuries or falls that occur due to negligence.

Data Protection

K) We will treat your personal information as private and confidential.
2. We will only use your information for the purposes of administration in relation to the course
named. It will not be passed to third parties.
L) Photographs
1. Photographs may be taken and used electronically for marketing purposes for Cornish Swim
Academy, any objections will be respected, please advise.

Payment Policy

M) Swimming Lesson Payment
All fees for swimming lessons must be paid in advance of the lessons. Cornish Swim Academy reserves the right to change the price of swimming lessons at any time.

For any failed payments, Cornish Swim Academy reserves the right to restrict access to the lessons until a suitable payment has been made. Under these circumstances Cornish swim
Academy will not guarantee the same space on the existing lesson.