Advanced Stroke

Advanced Stroke Improvement

Take your Swimming Lesson up a level, a one hour stroke improvement session for swimmers from ages 7 to 14 , min requirement is a stage 5 Swim England award.

Advanced Stroke Improvement Venues

Sir Ben Ansile Sports Centre

Part Of Truro School, the Sir Ben Ansile Sports Centre is a 4 lane 25m Pool Saturday mornings 8-9am

Newperran - Goonhavern

The Newperran Pool is the home of Cornish Swim Academy an 18m Pool monday’s start time 5.45pm

Newperran - Goonhavern

The Newperran Pool is the home of Cornish Swim Academy  an 18m Pool Wednesdays 5.45pm

our expertise

Who can take part?

Advanced Stroke Improvement sessions for your child stage 6 or 7 of the Swim England awards scheme ,OR in a Surf-Lifesaving club wanting some extra swimming coaching OR maybe they?re in a swimming club and need more skill development delivered to a high standard? IF so join our advanced stroke improvement sessions, these are 1 hour sessions with 100% focus on skill development taking place ?

Starting Block Practice

We also include starting block diving and ALL stroke swimming turns and under water breakouts, helping to improve swimming technique, and swimming skill, along with speed. As a young swimmer starts learning all 4 strokes lesson time factor becomes an issue.If your swimmer is only attending a 30 minute lesson, once a week then the learning factor slows down.that is a lot of swimming to squeeze in! Are they are approaching a stage 6 of the Swim England Program if the answer is yes, then consider improving the lesson duration with a one hour lesson with US!