Adult Swimming Lessons

Looking For Adult Learn to Swimming Lessons?

Looking for Adult Swimming Lessons Cornwall? If your looking for Adult Swimming Lessons here in Cornwall we can help.We currently run Adult 121 private swimming lessons at two locations, Scorrier House, Or New-perran Holiday Park in Goonhavern. Our Scorrier House Facility is a high spec private Endless Pool facility which is perfect for learning and privacy, from here we have a lovely quite pool on the grounds of New Perran Holiday Park.

Try Adult Swimming Lessons via Swim England Frame Work

Swim England Adult Swimming Framework

The Adult Swimming Framework has no age limit and is about improving confidence, competence and technique in the water.

It is understood that one in five adults are unable to swim, but with more adults now taking the plunge this shows a need for adult swimming lessons which cater to the needs of older swimmers.

The Swim England Adult Swimming Framework understands that adults have different needs, motivations and learn in different ways to children.

Swim England believes that every person should have a chance to learn to swim, which is why our adult lessons give a very specific set of aims and targets to help them become the very best they can be.

The Adult Swimming Framework has a national syllabus with clear aims and objectives, it caters for every type of adult swimmer, including those who are unable to swim at all, and those who are nervous in the water. There is also support for swimmers who are looking to improve their technique or those who are coming back to swimming after a break.

Swimmers who are confident are given the opportunity to improve all of the four strokes they can then go into the competitive side of swimming or to join a Masters club if they want to continue regular swimming activities.