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Swimming Lessons On Saturday Morning | Swim School

Looking for Swim School | Swimming Lesson for your young Swimmer on a Saturday and living in Cornwall ?? in and around Newquay, St Agnes, Perranporth, Truro, St Austell, Cornish Swim Academy is now offering Swimming Lessons at our main Swim School Pool, New Perran Holiday Park, in Goon-haven. These lessons will run from 9 am in the morning, if you have a little one require swim lessons, we running swimming lessons with a swim teacher in the water.
Swimming Lessons Near Newquay are tricky to find, but if you look at places just outside of Newquay such as our swim school you will find lessons running every day.

Swim School Cornwall | Info

Swimming Lesson Groups on a Saturday morning will be small, they will also be at the popular Newperran Pool, this is where you will find our main swim school. The Cornish Swim Academy Swim/ school runs every day after-school, during these lessons we offer a wide range of skills, this is delivered using the Swim England Swimming Program, but we put our own level of touch and skill towards the program.
The Swim School groups on a Saturday morning will be small, learning to swim in Cornwall is important, having a skill full lesson delivered is important. We always us small discuss on our swimmers, these can be taken off in stages.

Swimming Clubs Around the UK | and Cornwall

What do you need to join a Swimming Club
Do you have a young swimmer in Swimming lessons currently coming to the end of the Swim England Lesson program? If the answer is yes you may wish to consider a Swimming Lesson of Advanced Stroke improvement or Join a Swimming club. If your looking at setting up a swimming club in the UK it might be good to go to the Swim England website and get swimming club info: If you are looking for swimming clubs in Kernow try our advanced stroke improvement venues.

What you need to know to join a Swimming Club

If you aim to join a competitive swimming club be aware of a few tips
1. Most swimming clubs have an age range, entry is about 7 yrs old
2. If you wish to join a UK Swimming Club most clubs have a requirement, which may be that you must be able to swim 50m or more, nonstop!
3. You must register with Swim England – { ASA }
4. Be fully aware of the Swimming Club Rules
5. Swimming training kit may be required
6. Please be mindful that Swimming in a Swim Club will mean taking park in Swim Galas, however, this is not compulsory

What Swim Training Kit will I need?

Once you ve have joined a swimming club, there are some swimming requirements worth taking note of.
You will always require swimming goggles
A swimming cap, which is often a swim club cap, with the club logo on it.
A swimming kickboard is often required
Swim training fins are a normal bit of kit, short fins
Swim training snorkel is also required { sometimes }
A swim pull buoy
Most of the above kit is then popped into a mesh kit bag, it’s then taken around to training sessions, and during these swim training sessions then left on the poolside.

Swimming Club Structure

The Development Stage

When you start at a Swimming Club and take part in weekly sessions most clubs have a development structure, the main starting point is often called Development 1 or Pre Squad, these lower groups should mostly be skill and learning, and having fun, stroke refinement is key in the younger ages and years, learning the Strokes, such as Front crawl, Breast Stroke, Back Stroke, Butterfly.

Learning To Dive

Most young swimmers will at some point take part in a swimming race – or swim competition at some point, they run throughout the year, although historically the Aug period is when swim clubs wide down slightly – and rest is had by all!
With most swimmers taking part in some form of swim event across the year learning to dive off a starting block is highly important across the year – nearly all swim clubs will have a set of starting blocks that can then be used:

Learning to turn on the wall

During swimming you will find many types of turns – multi-stroke turns are most definitely the best way to turn on the wall, from learning to turn the next best route is to learn the IM turns:
Pushing off the wall streamline is part of a swimming turn, the turn is a very important part of swimming races!

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